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60’s Gibson SG’s In the Shop

Customer brought both of these great old guitars in for much needed setup work, and some other minor repairs.  One of them had some electronics issues, just some corroded wiring.  He bought both of these guitars sometime in the late 70’s, and at some point stored them away, not to be seen for many, many years.  Well, its 2010 and these guitars are looking and sounding great again.

The first one here is a 1961 SG Junior, which has only one P-90 pickup.  From the small research I did, it appears this was the first year they offered this style guitar, a stripped down version of the SG that has replaced the Les Pauls. 

The guitar is original except for the tuners, tailpiece, and also the addition of a washer around the output jack.  In removing the washer there was some wood damage and the hole just didnt seem to want to support the output jack by itself.  I geuss that is why the original owner put it on there in the first place, and I dutifully put it back that way.   My customer has the original tail piece but its one of those wrap arounds with no intonation, so they really dont sound that good anyway.  Good to keep in the guitar case.

The second guitar is a 1967 SG in its full glory and splendor including the vibrato tail piece.   Again, the guitar is mostly original except for the tuners and unfortunately the pickups as well.  Funny, the pickups are Demarzio’s, but are quasi vintage themselves being from the late 70’s.  

Both guitars sounded great once set up, and its always interesting to see what holds up and what doesn’t on a guitar that old.

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