Guitar and Fretted Instrument Service and Repair

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Do you work on other fretted instruments such as: Ukulele, Mandolins, or Banjos?

Yes, I have worked on these instruments as they are very similar to guitars and many of the repairs are the same.  If after direct discussion on phone or inspection of instrument I feel your instrument requires specific attention that I cannot offer, I will let you know before we proceed further.

Where is your shop located?
  • In Pasadena, right near the Rose Bowl and Old Town.
  • For the exact address please call and make an appointment.
  • We do not accept drop-in business unless you are a previous customer.
What are your shop hours?
  • As we are not a standard “store front” or deal in retail we do not have set hours.
  • I meet with customers by Appointment Only
  • Schedule will vary from day to day and week to week.  Evenings are available also
Can you quote me a firm price over the phone?

No. I am happy to give you a general price based on your description and my experience, but I need to visually inspect your guitar to give a firm repair quote.

Is there an extra fee for electronics work on holllowbody and semi-hollow guitars?

Yes. This covers the time needed to safely remove and re-install parts.

Do you refinish guitars?
  • Our shop is not set up for full scale guitar finishing or refinishing.
  • We do spot refinishing on certain repairs, but for full guitar finishing contact Pat Wilkins.
Do you accept credit cards?
  • At this time I accept Cash, Checks, and also Paypal as payment.
What is your standard turnaround time for repairs?
  • Usually a couple days but every repair is different and shop workload can change.
  • In most cases repairs are completed within 2 days.
  • Due to the nature of some repairs this time may be longer, and we would inform you of that before you leave your guitar with us.
Do you offer next day or same day rush repair service?

Yes. If you need a repair done rush just let us know and we can usually accommodate you.

Do you do guitar amplifier repair and other electronics repair, i.e. keyboards, mixers, effects pedals?
  • I do offer service on a limited basis for guitar amps, speaker cabinets and effects pedals.
  • Please confirm first directly with me to find out if I can assist you before bringing your gear to the shop.
  • I do not work on other electronic music equipment such as mixers, keyboards, Walkmans, theramins, etc.
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