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Guitar Collection: Seagull Acoustic

Next up in my guitar collection is another old friend who has seen the miles,  taken some hits and dings, and hung in there.  it is a Canadian made Seagull model 6. This guitar was bought new in August 1991 along with another electric guitar to celebrate getting a new job.  Actually it was to also celebrate leaving the previous job, where I couldn’t stand my boss.   The guitar was a mid-level priced guitar at the time, around $500 as I recall.  It has an older LR Baggs saddle transducer and built in side pre-amp with EQ and Volume control.  The top had a thin satin finish of some sort that hasnt worn well. The sides and back were also a satin finish but harder material and have worn better.  It wasnt fancy looking even new with a thin brown binding strip around the top and no binding around the back of the guitar.  I was living in Cleveland Heights at the time, but went back to my favorite small music store nearby where I had taken guitar lessons in high school. 

This guitar has been my one and only true acoustic that whole time, and so its gotten ALOT of playing time on it.  If you notice the top of the guitar has quite a bit of wear and one of these days I might just put a whole new top on it if the wood ever wears through.  Otherwise its been refretted once, has had a few string nuts, and a replacement transducer for the original, which of course crapped out during a short gig.

One thing I have to say is that this guitar has just bloomed over the years and has developed a really good sound over time.  I have had friends play it and even remark on its tone. I think that just comes from the wood aging, getting played alot, and a good setup.

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