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Guitar Setup Course: Feedback

Hello and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone still has the holiday glow as you enjoy 2015 and keeping all those resolutions you promised to yourself.

One thing you may have always wanted to understand and do yourself is guitar setups on your own guitars.  There is really no better way to understand what makes some guitars play better than others, how to tweak a guitar that feels a little off more to your liking, and also be able to check if a used guitar is in great shape but just plays funny because it hasn’t been set up properly.

We are the only repair shop in the area who offer this type of course because we do not mind educating our customers.  You should not have to pay for a setup again after taking this 4 hour one on one course.  

Here is feedback from our latest student in November of 2014.  He wanted to concentrate on Strats that he had, and was able to use the course immediately to work on another guitar he had.  So give a ring if you are interested to set up a time:  weekday evenings, or weekend mornings.

“I am very happy with the class and the results with the guitars. the fiesta red strat is the most playable – however the pick ups aren’t that great. the white custom shop strat is the most beautiful guitar – pickups have great tone – and finally . . . the black strat – I have been able to adjust the truss rod a bit more and have gone back and forth with the truss rod adjustment  – i believe i have it set up pretty nicely.  i have also set the action pretty nicely.  the intonation is a bit tricky as i am using a korg chromatic tuner (19.99) – for now i have re strung this guitar with the same size strings (10s) – this guitar has pick ups that absolutely scream.Any how – thanks a lot for spending the time to work with my guitars, and teaching me so much – i am pretty confident in the basics of setting up fender guitars is an excellent service you provide. “

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