Guitar and Fretted Instrument Service and Repair


Here are a variety of great links that I hope you explore and enjoy. If you would like to be added to this list or are kind enough to add a link to my page, please email me with the subject header: Website Link Share.

Guitar Repair/Building Resources and Supplies

  • Pat Wilkins Guitars – Expert Guitar Finishing
    • Pat Wilkins, located in Van Nyes is the regional expert on finishing and refinishing guitars. He runs a professional shop and I can attest to his work first hand. For complete guitar finishing inquiries give him a call.
  • Buzz Feiten Tuning System Website
    • Complete information on the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, and what it can do for the tuning of your guitar. We are authorized retrofitter for both electric and acoustic guitars.
  • Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair
    • School for Building and Repairing Guitars. Located on Vancouver Island, Canada.
  • Cleartone Strings
    • Premium coated strings made right here in Los Angeles. These strings are our shop standard
  • Frank Ford’s Guitar Repair Site
    • A great resources for acoustic guitar repair information
  • Music Instrument Makers Forum
    • A limitless supply of info, tips and answers for guitar builders
  • Project Guitar
    • Guitar Building Info and Tutorials
  • Guitar Repair Bench
    • A site dedicated to guitar repair and building articles. Lots of information, so check it out!!

Tube Amp Building Resources & Supplies

  • AX84 Amp Building Site
    • DIY Amp projects
  • 18 Watt DIY Tube Amp Site
    • Schematics and more to build your own 18 watt tube amp
  • Cigar Box Amp Page
    • A great 1 watt circuit you can build in a cigar box. check out my gallery section for a few of the ones I’ve built
  • Precision Design
    • Custom Amp Faceplate, Logos, and Nameplates for your guitar amp builds. Will work with you on design. Excellent service, turnaround time, and prices.
  • Amplates
    • Custom Services for all your DIY amp builds including: Nameplates, Face/Back Control Plates, and even Grill Cloth designs. Run by Joe Vallina, they are located in the D.C. area.

Studios and Music Lessons

  • Tony Ryan– Guitar Lessons
    • For guitar lessons from an incredible player and teacher in the South Pasadena area. Call directly at 626 372-4496. No current website available.
  • Billy Burke and Loveless Motel Studios
    • Guitar Lessons/Recording Studio – For Guitar and Bass Lessons in the Sierra Madre area, and full service Recording Studio
  • Eagle Rock Studios
    • Recording studio services and guitar lessons in the Eagle Rock area. Ask for Marcel, the owner.

Miscellaneous Links

Band & Musician Links- In no particular order.

  • Scott Martin
    • Great musician from the Cleveland, OH area and keyboard player for one of Ohio’s biggest party bands, Skinny Moo
  • drunkdude69
    • Grooviest, Most Funkified band in Cleveland, Ohio. 
  • Scotty Moore
    • Rockabilly King
  • Black Crowes
    • Their last album is incredible
  • Marillion
    • A great British Band
  • Kula Shaker
    • These guys just rule. Mix of modern, 60’s, Indian music that rocks.
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