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The Incredible Folding Guitar Trick

(Before we start, do not try this at home with your standard acoustic guitar…just drop the circular saw now, Sir.)

Finally got one of these crazy folding acoustic guitars into the shop for a new bone saddle, setup and strings.  There is some great innovation and engineering on this guitar, so I couldnt help but take a few pics and share it with you. 

This guitar is made by a company called Voyage Air, I guess to showcase being able to bring this foldable guitar along in a “voyage” while being in an airplane  in the “air”.  Apparently they are very clever marketers  along with being solid design engineers. 

The guitar that came into our shop was well built, very solid once the neck was bolted to the body, and came with a neat backpack style case.  You have to make sure the strings don’t get kinked when the neck is unbolted by tucking them gently into the body of the guitar, but otherwise it seems like a well thought design.  No clue what they cost.  Here is the company website in case you want more info.

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